Write Faster.  Publish Smarter.  Sell More Books.

Julie Anne specializes in teaching entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches, experts and authors how to write books that build their brands, expand their messages, and grow their businesses.

She can help you:

  • Build your platform
  • Outline your book
  • Create a strategic plan for your marketing
  • Design a backend product progression that supports your message and your business
  • Write your bio, sales descriptions, or web copy
  • Or anything else you need help with related to your book and your business

All mentoring sessions are conducted via Skype or online conference software. You will receive a recording of your call.


You can learn more about Julie Anne Eason’s ghostwriting and other services on her website here.

Check out what clients are saying…

“This was a big step for me.

Though it was a lot of money and a lot of faith, it was totally worth it!”

What we accomplished in one day would have taken me alone months just to begin, and agonies of indecision. I would not have had the conviction to do what she suggested and implemented so easily. Julie helped me prioritize and plan the coming year, gave me a sense of purpose and value that helped me move forward on several stalled projects, and brought three projects to life. That’s pretty good.

This was a lot of money for me, and I wondered how that much value could be packed in a day. Even though I know Julie, and know what a powerhouse she is, I wondered. But finally I decided she has always delivered way over what she promised in the past, so I went for it.

Wow. It is not just one day. We had a two-hour conversation beforehand, which was pretty eye-opening all by itself. We set an agenda for the day, but what that meant was that we pretty much lined out the next series of big projects, troubleshot and time-lined them, and decided which had the most promise, and what we needed to accomplish them. That was before the day. Julie later emailed me with info we would need (logins etc), and spent time reviewing the material I had developed for the info product/online course we were going to finalize. She took a lot of time to set this up and make sure we had everything together to make the day run smoothly.

By the end of the day, I had a new sense of where I was going with my business, a new membership site with forums all set up, a new site for my info products (including one that just repeats and repeats), but that’s not all. Julie sent a list of tasks for me to accomplish (copy writing and tweaking mostly), but each one had follow up on Julie’s side—so this was way more than a one day deal.

Julie is so inspirational!

She conveys complete faith in you at all times, and is genuinely excited for your projects. If you are on the wrong track or she doesn’t like something she will tell you, and she knows her stuff, so it’s good to listen. I especially like that sometimes after reflection, she will change her mind about something, because she is always thinking and strategizing, and if she finds a flaw in the reasoning, she will say so. All this just heightens the motivation factor, because she is honest and direct, so her liking something has weight.

What did I get?

  • A sturdy timeline and priorities for the coming year.
  • A sense of purpose and value that helped me move forward.
  • Three products that are ready to roll (membership site and two infoproducts, one of which was Julie’s idea, the second of which was only a dream).

I recommend Julie’s VIP day wholeheartedly. It has been more than worth the investment!

Julie is easy to work with and easy to be around. She is direct, fun, and very genuine. Her mind is a blaze of good ideas, and she is constantly rearranging and developing in her head, looking for the best possible configuration for you personally. It really is amazing.

You will GET STUFF DONE, more than you can imagine.Alia Thabit, Traditional & Avant-Garde Belly Dance Workshops 2013-05-29 09-58-09

THANK YOU, JULIE. This was an eye-opening, hugely productive experience. You rock.

–Alia Thabit

Author, Speaker, Performer

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