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Everything You Need To Know To Become a More Successful Author

Writing can be a lonely endeavor. Whether you’re a professional novelist, or you’re working on a book to support a speaking career, or you just want to drive more traffic to your business–it’s just you and your computer when the rubber meets the road.

I’ve been living that Writer vs. Computer lifestyle for almost 20 years now. First as a journalist, then as a copywriter and marketer, and now as a full-time ghostwriter. Over the years, I’ve watched the balance of power in the publishing industry shift. Once the big New York publishers held all the cards. Writers were “lucky” if they could land an agent or a book contract. But now individuals are taking the initiative and writing, publishing, and marketing their own books without the need for an agent or publisher to give them a chance.

With great power comes great responsibility. Yes, authors today have the power to write and publish their books without the need for outside help. BUT! . . . they also have to take on additional jobs. Writers used to just write. Now they have to be editors, web designers, publishers, community curators, PR agents, marketers. They have to understand technology and social media. They have to build their own platforms and monitor their online presence. Oh yeah, and some of them have to run a completely separate business on top of all that.

There’s SO MUCH to learn if you want to successfully write, publish, and launch your book these days. No one teaches all these things in one place. You can’t go to journalism school or a university and learn everything you need to know to be a successful author these days. Instead, you have to learn through experience, research, and trial and error. And that can take a really long time.

That’s why I created The Successful Author Podcast. This is the place where you can learn about all three major aspects of book and content creation–writing, publishing, and marketing/publicity. I want your book to be successful, no matter what success means to you. Whether you want a career as an author, or you need a book to open doors in the business world, you’ll find each episode is filled with expert advice from professionals inside the industry.

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