#8 How to Get Your Book Into Bookstores (Even If You’re Self-Published) –With Suzanne Kuhn


Have you ever wondered what it takes to get your book into the bookstores?  Especially if you’re self-published?

Do places like Barnes & Noble, Books-a-million, and local indie bookstores seem out of reach for you?suzanne kuhn successful author podcast

Today we’re talking with Suzanne Kuhn (or Suzy Q, as she calls herself) and she is going to share with us some strategies for getting your book into the bookstores.

Suzanne has more than 25 years of book retailing experience and event sales, including
traveling as part of best selling inspirational author Karen Kingsbury’s team. In 2010 Suzanne launched SuzyQ, a full-service promotion development firm that works with authors and public figures. The firm provides coaching, training, and brand development as well as coordination of live events. Suzanne’s experience and knowledge give her an edge when coaching, facilitating tours and ensuring more
successful and profitable events.


  • How books get into bookstores.
  • Is there a different strategy for indie and self published authors?
  • What is a “Standard Discount” and why is it important to understand when you’re trying to get into bookstores
  • One special thing we can do to get into our LOCAL bookstores
  • One of the biggest mistakes authors make when trying to get into bookstores.
  • How to make sure your book is commercially viable.


Follow Suzanne on her website: http://www.suzyq4u.com/

Or find her on Twitter: https://twitter.com/suzyqn

Want to learn more book marketing and retail from Suzanne? Check out her conference: http://WritertoWriter.com


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