#51 Writing and Publishing “The Recipe” – with John David Mann


Today, we’re talking with someone really special.Author quote

His name is John David Mann, and he’s a writer I’ve looked up to for a really long time—ever since I read The Go Giver.   He has been a concert cellist, award-winning composer, high school founder, educator, publisher, entrepreneur, marketer, public speaker, and event master of ceremonies — but what he really loves to do is stay home, take quiet walks with his wife, and sit in his favorite armchair writing books.

John has coauthored two dozen books, including seven New York Times and national bestsellers. His books have been published in thirty languages and have sold more than 2 million copies. He is best known for his award-winning parable, THE GO-GIVER, co-written with business thought leader Bob Burg.

BUT His latest, coming this fall, is the culinary coming-of-age novel he co-wrote with Chef Charles Carroll, THE RECIPE: A Story of Loss, Love, and the Ingredients of Greatness.

The Recipe by Chef Charles Carroll and John David Mann

THE RECIPE is a tale of heartbreak and redemption… It’s a meditation on great food and secrets of the kitchen, and a life manual, all wrapped together into a story that is being called “an instant classic” (by former world heavyweight champion George Foreman), “a timeless fable with guidelines for living that will last a lifetime” (by bestselling author Daniel Pink), and “the feel-good book of the year” (by screenwriter James Justice).

Now, ordinarily, John doesn’t publish books. He writes them; someone else publishes and markets them. But when more than forty publishers passed on his latest manuscript, he was faced with two choices: shelve it, or take it on himself.

He was up to the challenge!


  • Why more than 40 publishers turned this book down and the lesson every author can learn from that.
  • The usual business model as a professional author, and how this project was different.
  • The single biggest challenge in producing and launching your own book and how to handle it.
  •  The two ingredients in GREATNESS and how to apply them to your books.



For more on this and all John’s other books, you can go to JohnDavidMann.com/books.

You can access special offers on The Recipe at TheIngredientsofGreatness.com.



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