#5 Live-Connected Books: The Future of Digital Publishing is Here — with Nick Night


What if you could publish your book and have the ability to change every copy in existence whenever you want to?nick night quote

What would that mean to you?

Would you update your facts and information in real time, maybe change some typos if you found them?

Would you promote your upcoming book inside your last book?

How about letting readers know about your next book tour?

I’m not talking science fiction here. It is part of a new movement in digital publishing technology that makes it possible for authors and readers to connect with each other like never before. It is so cool. Today, we’re talking with Nick Night. Nick is the CEO and co-founder of Revizzit, the publishing platform for live-connected products.

He is the author of the book SYNCED: Supercharge your business with the power of connected products. He is also a software developer and entrepreneur creating unique digital products for niche audiences including his renowned BeatNik line of ukulele software products (which I just have to check out because they just sound so cool).

Formerly, Nick was an executive in television animation and online games. (And if you dig really, really deep, you can find out that he was once a world famous magician appearing on stage and television in over 30 countries.)


  • What is a live-connected book and why is it the future of digital publishing
  • How to promote your upcoming books, projects, and events in every copy of your last book
  • How a fiction author might use live-connected books
  • How a non-fiction author might use live-connected books to sell more products and services
  • What technology is involved in publishing using this platform
  • How art books, graphic novels, and other picture-heavy books can take advantage of this technology
  • How to build and maintain an engaged audience right inside your book



Check out the Revizzit platform: Revizzit.com


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