#48 How to Self-Publish and Get Paid More by Letting Readers Pay What They Want–with LeanPub


Would you like to get feedback on your book—from actual buyers– BEFORE it’s finished? author-quotes-2

Does writing in serial format sound fun to you?

Would you like to earn more for your books and keep more of each sale?

Today we’re talking with ­­­­­­­­­­ Len Epp and he is going to share with us a little about a concept called Lean Publishing.


Len Epp is a cofounder of Leanpub, which provides authors with tools to write and sell both in-progress and completed ebooks.

Leanpub has a startup culture, which means that every day Len does a little bit of everything related to self-publishing. Since Leanpub can be used to both make and sell books, and it even has its own book reading app, this means that he interacts with both authors and readers, and he has to look at everything, from marketing efforts to new feature design, from all sides.

Before joining Leanpub, Len wrote a doctorate in English at Oxford and then moved into investment banking in London, specializing in mergers and acquisitions in the utilities sector.

He enjoys wearing the seemingly contradictory hats of resident corporate finance and literary type person at Leanpub, and in his spare time he is writing a novel satirizing the relationship between literature and nationalism.



  • How letting readers choose the price can actually put MORE money in your pocket.
  • Why publishing a serial book can benefit your readers and your sales.
  • The best way to interact with your readers and keep them interested in your work.
  • Why to publish BEFORE you’re completely comfortable.
  • How to publish your print and ebook from a simple Word Doc using LeanPub.










The Platform: LeanPub.com

Twitter: @LenEpp

Email: Len@LeanPub.com