#45 How to Blend True Crime with Fiction – with Tina Amiri


Have you ever listened to a news story and thought “that would make a great book”? Author quotes 2

Have you ever wondered where psychological thriller authors come up with all their twisted material?

Would you like to know how one author weaves true crime into her fiction?


Today we’re talking with ­­­­­­­­­­Tina Amiri and she is going to share with us a little about her journey as a psychological fiction author.

Tina is the author of the new book Whatever the Impulse. She says she has always been intrigued by abnormal human psychology and could spot it, at least on screen, from a very early age. For this reason,she chooses to write, read, and watch, character-driven fiction.

Writing became a passion even before she learned how to spell, but she took a different path in school. While working in the medical field, she pursued publication and also provided book-doctoring services, from 2011 to 2013, through a literary agency.

She worked with the agency until the death of its proprietor, who was an invaluable mentor to Tina and many others. Though her heart is in her writing,  editing and even ghostwriting, will likely remain in the cards for a long time.



  • How the true crime in Tina’s past may have influenced her writing
  • How to find original ideas that haven’t been played out 100 times on TV and the internet.
  • How to use real life stories to help shape your fiction work
  • Where to draw the line between perfectionism and learning the craft
  • How to build characters readers can really connect with
  • Who to trust to give you advice and opinions

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