#43 How to Plan and Execute a Successful Book Signing – with Gary D. Robson


Have you thought about how you plan to launch (or re-launch) your book? Author quotes 2 (1)

Are book signings part of your plan?

Are you a little lost on the details of how to set up and execute a great book signing?

Today we’re talking with Gary D. Robson, and he is going to share with us a little about his career as a multi-genre author and book store owner.

Gary Robson is the author of over two dozen books with total sales approaching half a million copies. He has written on technology, history, and tea. He also has the dubious distinction of having written more books about poop than any other author. His most recent books include the children’s book Who Pooped in Central Park? And Gary’s Guide to Successful Book Signings.

In his copious spare time, he runs a bookstore and a boutique publishing company in Montana.



  • How to approach a venue about hosting a book signing
  • What is an “author persona” and why you need one
  • How to get people to attend your signing
  • When you should start planning your book signings
  • What it really means when only a couple of people show up
  • How to work together with the venue manager to create a successful event
  • Just how many books can one guy write about poop?

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Gary’s websites: GaryDRobson.comTeaWithGary.com;  RedLodgeBooks.com

Gary’s Facebook: Gary D. Robson

Garry’s Twitter: @GaryRobson



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