Episode #42 – How to Balance Business and Passion with Adam Dreece


Have you ever wanted to quit your job and write full time?

Do you ever look at authors who’ve done it and wonder how the heck they manage? Author quotes 2 (1)

Would you like to peek into the career of someone who’s in the early stages of someone doing just that?

SO often we hear about authors who have already “made it”…they have successful careers and everything’s going great.

About this time last year, I shared with you someone who was at the beginning of that journey. Someone who was still figuring things out.

His name was Adam Dreece and at the time he was transitioning from full time software engineer to full-time author.

Today he’s back to update us on what’s been going on over the last year. He’s accomplished some amazing things, and I think you’re going to be inspired….

At first blush, designing software and writing a fantasy novel don’t seem to have much in common. But Adam will tell you differently.

“Writing and coding software are both ways of bringing ideas to life,” he explains. “Both have an inherent story. They’re just told in different languages.”

Graduating with honors from the University of Waterloo’s math faculty, he was almost immediately catapulted into the high-stakes,high-pressure and highly creative world of Silicon Valley. Within a few years, and at Microsoft in Toronto. But he never stopped writing.

He built a solid, 20-year career in software, working with some of the best, most creative minds in the business. It was fun, it was stimulating, and it was lucrative work. But as often happens, the universe had other plans. In one of those cathartic events we all read about, a sudden illness had Adam reevaluating where he wanted to go and what he wanted to do.  After so long in a highly competitive profession when he was at the top of his game, he asked himself: But is it what I want to do?


And ultimately, he decided it wasn’t.

He started his company —  ADZO  publishing, with his wife — in 2014, and after a nudge over the threshold from his daughter, wrote and released the first two books in his acclaimed Yellow Hoods series – Along Came a Wolf and Breadcrumb Trail – within the first year.  Both were bestsellers on Amazon, followed swiftly by the third book and a novelette. In August 2015, the first two novels were selected as finalists for the Independent Author Network’s Book of the Year award in Young Adult/Teen, and Fantasy, respectively.

Although he runs his publishing company with the same focus and business-savvy precision as a high-stakes startup, he never loses sight or sense of the sheer enjoyment of doing what he’s doing.



  • What’s happened in this new author’s career over the last year
  • How to extend your reach and build a fan base
  • How a fledgling author’s career is like a new political movement
  • How to evaluate what a reasonable amount of time is to work on your books
  • How to work a combination print run and print-on-demand strategy
  • How to work while raising young children
  • Why you might want to write in multiple genres


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