#39 How REALLY Busy Professionals Manage to Write and Publish Books – With Dr. Robert Duff


Have you ever wondered how really busy people still manage to write and publish books?  

Have you ever told yourself that your book had to have a certain number of pages or words?

Have you ever read a really short book and been thrilled with the content?

Today we’re talking with Dr. Robert Duff and he is going to share with us a little about his journey creating a brand and writing a short book while in the middle of finishing up his Ph.D.

Dr. Robert Duff is a psychologist from Southern California, the author of the Hardcore Self Help book series, and the host of a podcast by the same name. His content focuses on translating complex psychological concepts into straight-forward, actionable, and funny language.


  • Setting up a good writing routine and sticking to it
  • Whether you should set a word count, or have preconceived notions for how long you want it to be.
  • Whether length helps or hinders the message.
  • How to strategically build your brand and the titles of your books.
  • How to get your audience targeting just right and sell according to expectations.
  • How to deal with feedback from readers – including complaints.
  • The most challenging thing about publishing your first book.


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