#36 How One Author Generates a 6-Figure Income –with Kevin Kruse


Do you have enough time? 5

Enough to write your books and market your books and work your day job and raise your family?

Would you like to learn how to find more time in your day, and be happier while doing more?

Today we’re talking with Kevin Kruse and he is going to share with us a little about his writing and publishing journey.

Kevin Kruse is an Inc 500 serial entrepreneur, New York Times bestselling author, and Forbes columnist. Kruse has been named a Top 100 Business Thought Leader by Trust Across America. Over the last 20 years Kevin has started or co-founded several multi-million dollar companies which have won awards for both fast growth (Inc 500) as well as employee engagement

As a keynote speaker and performance coach, Kevin has worked with Fortune 500 CEOs, startup founders, US Marine Corps officers and non-profit leaders.

In his new book, 15 Secrets
Successful People Know About
Time Management, Kevin teaches
readers how to move from “overworked and overwhelmed” to “productive and prosperous”.

Since quitting his day job to become a full time indie author, Kevin has also recorded his marketing efforts and monthly income on his blog authorjourneyto100k.com

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • How to find more time in your day, and be happier!
  • What to do if you feel like you’re “not doing enough”
  • The most surprising thing Kevin learned from interviewing 200 billionaires, Olympic atheletes, and other high achievers
  • Why having the right mindset is crucial to begin productive
  • Why to set an MIT (and when to get it done)
  • Why not to live by a to-do list (and what to do instead)
  • How to use the “Time Travel Trick” to stop procrastination in its tracks
  • How Kevin quit his job and made 6-figures as a full-time writer (and where you can follow along with exactly how he does it)
  • The #1 way to market your books
  • How to find speaking engagements


Kevin’s speaking website: KevinKruse.com

Kevin’s author/writing website: Author Journey to 100K

Follow Kevin on Twitter: @Kruse

Like Facebook? Kevin is here: https://www.facebook.com/KruseAuthor











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