#34 How to Infuse Your Writing With Humor (and Actually Be Funny) –with Greg Schwem


Have you ever tried to be funny, only to have people look at you in awkward silence?Greg schwem quote

Do you wish you could infuse your writing with more humor?

Does just the idea of writing comedy make you feel a little nervous?

Today we’re talking with Greg Schwem, and he is going to share with us a little about his journey as a comedy author and corporate comedian.

The Chicago Tribune calls Greg Schwem “king of the hill” in the world of corporate comedy.  For more than 20 years Greg has performed his unique brand of stand up comedy and humorous motivational speaking for companies including Microsoft, Cisco, United Airlines, McDonald’s and Verizon Wireless.

He’s here to talk about not only his unique occupation but also his latest book, The Road to Success Goes Through the Salad Bar: A Pile of BS (Business Stories) From a Corporate Comedian.


  • What a professional “corporate” comic actually does
  • Why a stand up comedian decided to write a book
  • Some of the challenges he had to overcome to finish his book
  • Greg’s process for writing business comedy
  • What to do when a piece bombs
  • How to infuse life into dry material

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Check out Greg’s website: GregSchwem.com

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