#31 How to Develop Confidence in Your Writing and Yourself–with Alyssa Dver


Do you ever doubt yourself? Alyssa Dver quote

Do you ever feel like you’re on a roller coaster ride of emotions–confident one minute, and confused the next?

Do you ever wish you had some concrete strategies for building confidence in yourself and your work?

Today we’re talking with Alyssa Dver and she is going to share with us a little about the science of confidence.

Alyssa is co-founder & Chief Confidence Officer for the American Confidence Institute (ACI) and has presented all over the world for organizations such as the World Diversity Summit at the United Nations, The Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence, The U.S. Small Business Administration of MA, The Center for Women & Enterprise and others.

She is the author of six top selling books including, Kickass Confidence: Own Your Brain. Up Your Game, Ms. Informed: Wake up Wisdom for Women, and No Time Marketing. She’s been published in Forbes, BusinessWeek, Entrepreneur, and is frequently interviewed by respected media such as NPR, The Boston Globe, Inc., CNN Money, and CNBC.

Prior to ACI, Alyssa was the founder of Mint Green Marketing where she was the Executive Marketing Advisor to over 150 companies in a variety of industries based around the world.


  • What is confidence and where it comes from.
  • What makes some people confident and others not so much.
  • How we can all develop more confidence.
  • Alyssa’s favorite confidence building strategies.
  • What to do when we have people all around us trying to undermine our confidence, pulling us down, telling us we’re wasting our time…or that we should “get a real job”.

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Find Alyssa on her website: AlyssaDver.com

She’s on Twitter: @AlyssaDver

And LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/alyssadver


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