#25 How Hybrid Publishers Can Help You Get Published –with Julie Salisbury


Are you frustrated with waiting to be “accepted” by a traditional publisher or agent?Julie Salisbury quotes

Does the idea of self-publishing make you a little nervous?

Did you know there’s a middle ground–where a professional publisher partners with you to make your book a reality and get it out into the world?

Today we’re talking with Julie Salisbury and he/she is going to share with us a little about the hybrid publishing model.

Julie has a background in marketing and product development on an international scale. She is the founder and CEO of Influence Publishing–an independent, hybrid publisher with the mandate of publishing books that influence positive change in the world.

Under that umbrella, they have published non-fiction and fiction titles that span a wide spectrum of topics from health and wellness to business, self-help, children’s literature, memoirs and more. From health experts to business leaders, from artists, performers, and athletes to leaders in the self-help field, Influence Publishing has helped countless authors throughout Canada, the U.S., and the world, share their stories.

She is also an author herself, and the creator of InspireABook workshop, a unique step by step system to help first time authors write, publish and promote their books.



  • How much it really costs to publish a high-quality book, and why you might want to pay for it up front.
  • How traditional publishers might be taking advantage of you.
  • The pros and cons of using a hybrid publisher instead of a traditional publisher.
  • The pros and cons of using a hybrid publisher instead of self-publishing.
  •  Why editing and design are such an important part of the publishing process, and how self-published authors often miss the mark.

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