#15 Navigating the Memoir Journey (and How to Avoid Upsetting Your Relatives) –with Denis Ledoux


Do people tell you that your life story should be in a book?Denis Ledoux quote

Have you had adventures or overcome obstacles that others should know about?

Could your experiences help others live better lives?

Today we’re talking with Denis Ledoux and he is going to share with us his experience with writing and independently publishing memoirs for nearly 3 decades. Denis has been helping people to write memoirs since 1988.  Denis started as a short story writer and has twice been honored with the Maine Writing Fellowship Award. It was a short and natural leap from his own family stories to helping others record their stories.

His first book, What Became of Them and Other Stories from Franco-America, was independently published in 1988. He became aware that the average NY short story publication sold 2,000 copies. With a 10% royalty, he knew that the economics were against him with a traditional publisher.

So he published it as an indie book, which went on to sell 2,200 copies providing him with about five times the income he would have received with a big house. From then on, he was hooked on independent publishing!

A coach and editor, he manages a free membership site at www.thememoirnetwork.com

Most recently, he has been writing a series of e-books for the Memoir Network Writing series. Each book tackles one and only one problematic area for the memoir writer–including Should I Start to Write a Memoir? and Don’t Let Writers Block Stop You.


  • What makes memoir such a unique form of writing.
  • What elements make a successful memoir.
  • When you should consider writing a memoir, even if you don’t intend to publish it.
  • Why you shouldn’t give in to the temptation to fictionalize your story.
  • The difference between memoir and confessional writing.
  • How to find and convey your theme.
  • How not to alienate your friends and relatives.



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